In this modern world, most of the business work is mainly based on mail access. People who are in business sector always prefer to mailing communication with their clients so often they would send hundreds or even thousands of mail to their clients. Even the person can send newsletter, important business proposals, planning sheets and even more all through mail but what if people send mail to recipient and they receive as a scam mail. Here comes the role of SMTP server many can think what is SMTP server and how does it works? The working of SMTP server is unique. In simple words the SMTP server is a simple mail transfer protocol server. You can buy SMTP server at special mass mailing stores and services. It is responsible for email delivery whenever people send mail to certain recipient first the message is sent to the SMTP server and make sure the mail deliver to recipients.

How does SMTP server work on email transmission?

Many people do not aware how their emails send to their recipients through SMTP server that is a computer running with SMTP protocol. To make the process clear here are the processes listed below in stepwise.

  • If a person send an email to the client with web mail address that is called as MUA abbreviated as Message User Agent.
  • The user send message is sent to SMTP server through specified port number which is made set by the client as a MTU that is Message Transfer Agent.
  • Once the mail received by SMTP server it checks for certain data such as sender id, recipient id and both sender and receiver domain name. Apart from this SMTP do not check any message content.
  • Once the server found all data are correct and recipient has account in same domain given server directly connected to domain and the recipients receives the email.
  • In some case if SMTP server not able to connect directly to the domain they deals with another incoming server which close to the recipient domain it is called as relays and that incoming server stores the email and deliver to recipient.
  • In another case if the recipient’s server is busy or down then SMTP server host makes the message stored in the backup server then email is queued and then send mail on periodic basis. Still then server is down then message would return to sender as an undelivered email.

Once the SMTP server sends the mail to receiver server then SMTP server work is done. Then as a final process an additional protocol POP which is responsible for picking up mail from the receiving server and puts in the recipient inbox. This is how all your emails get transmitted from the sender mail domain to receiver mail domain via SMTP server. In addition to all this each domain has a certain limit which enables the user to send mail within limit with certain time limit. Using SMTP server you can send a mass mail by doing proper settings setup.